What do you mean it’s not Friday yet?

I dragged the upstairs TV down to the kitchen this week. For nights like last night, where I had shows to watch but food to cook, it worked well. I watched “Smallville”, “West Wing”, “Angel” and “Daily Show” (all were superb – “Smallville” was a major myth episode, “Angel” brought his son back, and “Daily Show” is just ROTFLMAO funny). I made bacon, then a BLT salad for dinner and a BLT sandwich for lunch today. I also made hollaindaise sauce, so I could whip up some eggs benedict this morning when Jill got home from work.

Lunch at work has been very pleasant this week; I’ve been eating in the courtyard in front of my building, where they provide tables and chairs. Partly shaded, not too bothered by street noise, it’s a nice escape. Not that work’s been that bad this week; I’m waiting for bugs, and it’s nice when there aren’t any.

Looks like I may not make it to any shows this week – I have an “un-bachelor” party to go to on Saturday for Scott (I think the “un” means no girls allowed), and Jill’s joining my mom at the Reston Chorale party on Sunday. It’s not like I don’t have anything to do this weekend – I’m dreading going up in the attic to check on the FRT in the roof, which may be damaged. Also, my neighbor down the block found termites, so I need to schedule an inspection… And get the deck washed… And clean the house… And go on an HOA inspection Saturday morning… And go to Bethesda for myo on Saturday.

Okay, that’s too much to think about – I’m going home.