This week’s shows

Been busy the last couple nights (cooking Monday, very long HOA meeting last night), so this week’s show, which were already tenative, seem more so today.

Tracy Grammer plays tonight at Jammin’ Java. She’s great, but we saw her in January, and will see her again in July at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, so I think that’s out.

Tomorrow, Guster plays Mason Day at George Mason University. Unfortunately, they go on at 6PM. The logistics of getting to Fairfax then on a weekday would mean I’d have to leave here by about 4PM, and I don’t think that’s going to happen this week. Couple that with rain, and I think they’re out. I might catch their show at Wolf Trap in June with Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright instead.

Friday, Cecilia plays Iota. Probably won’t do that since we saw them at Jammin’ Java in February, and they’re coming back there in May.

Saturday is the show I’m most likely to go to this week. Paul and Storm (from Da Vinci’s Notebook) are opening up for Groovelily at Jammin’ Java. Especially since Jill will be busy performing various acts of debauchery at Mel’s bachelorette party.

Sunday and Monday Bob Schneider will play at Rams Head and the Birchmere. But Jill’s not into him, (although he provided one of my favorite concert stories, maybe I’ll tell that tomorrow) and of all the local venues, I don’t particularly like going to those alone, because you wind up sitting alone at a table, which I find more of a pain than standing in a crowd or seated in a row. Anyway, I’m also thinking of going to the pro-choice rally on Sunday (I went to the last big one in 1992).

Also on Sunday, The Dreamscapes Project is playing at Ned Devine’s in Herndon from 8-9PM – a short set to convince management they’re a draw. A maybe, especially since we really want to see the next “Alias”.