100th entry!

Wow, not quite one a day, but I am using this more than I thought I would. Some New Year’s resoultions are easier to keep than others. And just in time to review the weekend.

Friday we vegged. I didn’t make it home until close to 8, and Jill was unexpectedly home – she’d been cancelled at work. I fixed hot dogs and we sat around chatting for a while, then Jill watched TLC while I went upstairs to watch “Deadwood”.

Saturday was very busy. I got up at 7:30 to catch a ride at 8 to get to Leesburg before 9 and play paintball with the DC ski club. We had to wait until 10 for the stragglers to show – we needed 10 people for a private group and finally got 11. Private groups get to play on fields by themselves (otherwise you have to join “walk on” games of massive groups, who bring their own guns with custom muzzles). We played at four different fields (Tall Cedars, Deep Woods, The Village, and Hyperball) for 2 games each, switching starting positions each time. The cost for the morning games (10-1), gun and mask was $35, but they only provide 100 rounds of paint; I went throught almost 400, we ended up buying 1 1/2 cases of rounds. It was a lot of fun, and my clothes got absolutely filthy. Afterwards, we changed and went to the TGI Friday’s at the Leesburg outlet mall nearby. I’m seriously thinking of a gun – at the very least some camo of my own so it’s harder to see me next time.

I didn’t get back home until 4, and didn’t feel like making anything for the party we were going to at 7:30, so I just went out on the deck and read the paper, Jill joined me not too long afterwards. We picked up some wings at the Buffalo Wing Factory and headed off to Eve’s place in Maryland. We caught up with a lot of friends, and ended up spending close to two hours in the hot tub, mostly talking to Mel & Scott (lotsa wedding talk, won’t bore you with the details here). Made it home by 2 – straight to bed.

Sunday was a nice lazy day – more or less. We got up by 1, I made huevos rancheros. We went grocery shopping around 3. I hadn’t gone in over a month (Jill had done a couple light ones), and we must have had at least 20 bags when we were done. After they were put away, I did some cleaning while Jill was on the phone, then made steaks and salad before she left for work. Afterwards, I went on the deck and finished the Sunday paper, then went inside to watch “Simpsons”. I brought the upstairs TV downstairs so I could watch “24” in the kitchen while I taped “Alias” (and what an ending on 24 – I was shocked). I was making a cliantro pesto marinade for the chicken, and I forgot what a labor intensive process washing and shredding cliantro is. I didn’t finish until the end of “Deadwood”, and I still hadn’t made lunch for today (I whipped together a steak sandwich this morning). I still had to pay some bills, didn’t make it to bed until after midnight.