Is it Thursday already?

This week is zooming by. The project I thought would be over by Monday is of course going to last until tomorrow at least. I’ve been fixing lots of bugs.

Yesterday I worked out of the new Reston office. While the commute was nice, I had to fight a couple hours of connectivity problems. Jill joined me for lunch at Popeye’s – it’s my favorite fried chicken, and the closest fast food place. The sales guys (both US and Canada) were in town and hosting a pizza and beer night there, which was nice. I didn’t end up leaving the gathering until 9PM, then I went down to the gym. I did the elliptical machine for 10 minutes, made a round of the weight machines, then finished off shooting some hoops and kicking the punching bag. I could get used to that.

What have I missed – ah, last weekend. I was working late on the project on Friday, so we didn’t have much time before the show. We went to Metropolis Global Feast in Plaza America, an upscale buffet ($20 each, but we had a coupon). The food was very nice; I just about filled up on sushi alone, but they had a lot more food, wasn’t able to try it all.

The show that night was Christine Lavin at The Barns at Wolf Trap. She’s an older folkie, but funny and sharp. She even does some looping, like Howie Day does. We laughed a lot during the show.

Saturday I worked from home some, then we went to Galyan’s to buy a tent for my dad, then Bethesda for my myo appointment, then my mom’s house for my dad’s birthday dinner. Shrimp cocktail, pork loin, broccoli with hollaindaise, and chocolate cake. Very nice.

Sunday I was called to consult on work many times. In between calls, I caught up on my reading pile.