Now I feel better

Yesterday, I was trying to leave for my massage, and my project manager was telling me I couldn’t becuase it was crunch time on the project. So I blew up at him. Possibly not the wisest course of action, but he was really getting on my nerves (he’s also been the only one allowed to work from the Reston office, so I’d been getting a constant stream of emails and phone calls, in addition to the pressure from all the other management involved in the project).

I learned at my first professional job after college that long hours at the job do nothing much for me except cause repetitive stress injuries, so I try to avoid working nights and weekends. Besides, I have a life now. I have a weekly massage every Thursday to relieve the physical effects of office work, and anyone who tries to get in my way is not going to be happy.

I talked to him later and apologized, and we agreed to come in early today to get things done. I feel a lot less stressed than yesterday, though.