Weekend update

Friday I worked late, so I came home and vegged. Heaven is turkey sausage on a soy pita, beer, and 2 episodes of “The Sopranos” I hadn’t seen.

Saturday I made some eggs, ran some errands (post office to mail some half.com sales, Target for ice cube trays and a new patio umbrella) and read some of my Post backlog. I made some BBQ chicken for dinner, then Jill went to work and I went to see “Hellboy” with Hannah & Dave and Mel & Scott. While I haven’t read the original comic, I’ve seen enough of the art to be very impressed with the translation to screen – it looks like the art has come alive. It was a good movie – Ron Pearlman was perfect as Hellboy, and it never became a hamfest, as it easily could have. Afterwards, another trip to Pablo’s (not that I’m complaining; I did think it was funny I had the same waiter as last week) and this time I did have my usual El Matador combo. I may not get the low carb margarita next time – it was $7!

Sunday I slept late (not just because of the clock jump). Kinda feeling like I’ve got a low grade virus, which only hits me in the morning. Up by 2, made an omelet, didn’t do too much. It was clear and sunny but very windy – I tried a Pilates video instead of going outside. I’m still a little sore, but I think I’ll try it again sometime. I had steak and salad ready by 6:15 so we could leave by 6:30, but Jill had a headache and we decided not to leave for the show until 8:30. Too bad “The Simpsons” was a repeat.

We got to the 9:30 club a little before 9:30 (how appropriate) and Wheat (good, but nothing special) was on. We found a spot on the floor at the back where Jill could see ok. Liz Phair came on about 10:10 and the next hour and a half just flew by – a great set including 6 songs from “Guyville” and another 6 from the new one. I first saw her 9 years ago and she’s made quite a leap from the stagefright prone, hardly moving singer back then. She’s even improved from when we saw her last summer; now she can hit all the high notes from the new album (Jill was talking about her head voice vs. her chest voice, but I’m not that much of a music geek ;). Definitely the best performance I’ve seen from her.