TBIF (no, not misspelled)

The work week was redeemed by knocking off early yesterday and taking a trip to the new building for work, where they provided pizza and beer. It’s got a “chill out” room with pool, foosball, and air hockey tables, as well as a nice bar (2 taps) and plenty of room. Additionally the place has a indoor basketball half court and a gym. Very tempting to work there – we’re supposed to move by the end of the month.

Of course, today told me why I shouldn’t stay in this job, as I was swamped (like I have been for a month). I did finish by deadline, whereupon I got 2 more bugs and some snippy emails from my boss, about not commenting the bug fix report enough and making sure I have all the latest code. I didn’t flame him, but I had the desire. Now he says he might need to contact me on the weekend. Grr… resume updating time.