‘nother day, ‘nother dollar

Another long day yesterday, so we went immediately to the Yaletown Brewing Co. for dinner. We split some Firecracker Green Beans (nice and spicy) and spring rolls to start, then I had the Roast Chicken Gremolota (lager marinated, and falling off the bone). I tried the Red Truck and Hill’s Special Wheat (their version of a Hefeweizen), both pretty tasty.

Andre and Leila joined us for dinner, then Andre split. Leila navigated us through downtown and Stanley Park, where we were when the Nine O’Clock Gun went off (supposedly to have ship captains reset their watches). We dropped her off, then went to try and find Sweet Revenge. We failed and returned to the hotel, where we decided to try our luck at the casino across the street, I dropped $10 on the slots, and Woody abstained, but Jitesh came out $70 ahead. I didn’t see the end – I elected to return to the hotel and try out the stair climber. After 20 minutes, it told me I had climbed 73 floors – 3 times as tall as the hotel. I dedided that was enough and went to bed.