Stranger in a strange land

Still in Vancouver.

Last night we went to Nirvana for dinner, a fine Indian restaurant just outside of downtown. Andre, an co-worker here, joined us. We shared the “Assorted Snacks” to start – the pakoras were very good. I had the Karahi Lamb, which was served in a mini wok (think of how they bring fajitas to the table in a Mexican restaurant), and was excellent, especially with some fresh chili peppers and draft beer.

We were initially thinking of going to Sweet Revenge for dessert later, but we were too full afterwards to consider it. I was told by the leader of our ski trip last month to not miss Death By Chocolate if I returned to Vancouver, but a lady here told us Sweet Revenge is better.

When we got back to the hotel, I tried out the exercise room. The weight machine was old – pads kept falling off, and one machine was stiff and took all my weight to move without the pin in.

We went to the food court in Brentwood Mall (across the street) for lunch today – I had a bison burger. Tasty (and mad cow free!).