Sunny Vancouver

Nearing the end of the day here. It’s gone well, we’ve got a lot done, but I’m fried. Did go out for sushi at lunch, was very good. We’re staying at the Radisson just a couple minutes from here, with a full breakfast buffet included. I love not getting the usual crappy continental breakfast.

Saturday finished nicely. Got to read the paper out on the deck, watched some movies (“Old School” and “Airheads”), ate some pizza.

Sunday was long. Left the house at 8:45AM, got my hotel room at 10:15PM Pacific time, which is 1:15AM Eastern. Our flight was National -> Montreal -> Toronto -> Vancouver. We got delayed in Montreal by the snowstorm and subsequent deicing, then the final part (with a stop in Toronto) took nearly 8 hours. Food was bleah; the movie was “Lost In Translation”. Nice movie, but I wouldn’t want to see it again, not sure why this was Murray’s great role. No “Groundhog Day”.