Special Saturday update

Only because yesterday was so busy. Before we went on vacation last month, they said I had a high priority short term project. I said I was going on vacation in a day and a half, they said fine. When I got back from vacation, I find they had waited for me to come back to start. The last three weeks have been trying to catch up to an already unrealistic schedule. Additionally, I had to spend extra time this week loading up a laptop with the all the programs I need (and can’t live without) when I’m in Vancouver next week doing the install. I think I’ll be able to blog, but I hadn’t had any success getting Mozilla Thunderbird to work as my email client as of yesterday. Worst case I should be able to use web mail or Outlook. I did manage to finish everything, but was a little late meeting up with the family last night.

I met with Dad, Sharon, and Sharon’s boyfriend Forrest at Copeland’s in Alexandria before Mom’s concert. Mom (and Jill, but Jill couldn’t make this concert or the next one) sings with the Reston Chorale. Last night they performed the world premiere of “A Journey to Freedom, Honor and Glory”, a choral/orchestral cantata about the life of Jonathan Daniels, civil rights activist and martyr. I was pleasantly surprised by the piece; usually I’m not a fan of contemporary classical works – the rock bits helped.

Speaking of Jill, her mom’s surgery went well. They had to take out her thyroid and part of her parathyroid (and a muscle), but they were planning on that. She’s a little out of it now (Jill’s mom, not Jill) and they kept her overnight for observation, but she’s expected to go home today.