This week’s show

Great Big Sea at the 9:30 Club with the Push Stars opening. Great Big Sea are a Canadian Celtic folk-rock band, who sprinkle their takes on traditional tunes in between their originals. The previous time I saw them was the Herndon Festival in 2000 (this should be a little more bawdy since it doesn’t have to be family friendly). Coincidentally, the only time I’ve seen the Push Stars was also at the Herndon Festival (in 1999, not 2000). Hopefully I’ll be able to find Jill a ticket, since I got rid of hers when she was supposed to be gone this week.

Speaking of the Herndon Festival, they’ve released this year’s schedule. Matt Nathanson Saturday and Virginia Coalition Sunday are musts, but I also love that I’ll get the chance to see Shane Hines acoustic and electric the same day. I was tempted to go to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival that weekend, but I don’t think I can afford that this year.