This week’s show

was last night. Oh well.

I got my daily digest of emails from the Da Vinci’s Notebook email list yesterday. Paul and Storm from the group had a late breaking announcement: They were opening for the Asylum Street Spankers at Iota – that night. They were supposed to go on before the group’s 8:30 start time. It wasn’t too hard to stay an extra hour at the office, so I went.

They said they’d only do five songs and they did. They were all new and very funny. Storm played the guitar, while Paul held his (although he played a mean tin whistle). The crowd was laughing very hard for most of the set, especially the middle three.

The Asylum Street Spankers harken back to vaudeville. Normally their show is without amplification (one singer was losing her voice and used a mic), and even in the usually noisy confines of Iota worked nicely (except the jackass next to me kept talking to his friends). It’s an eclectic mix of rock and ragtime that was fun – I didn’t stay for the whole show, but I will next time.

On a related note, the Canadian attempted censorship of DVN I mentioned back in January has now made News Of The Weird.