Weekend update

A fine, fine weekend started Friday when my bud Seth rolled through town (well, he actually got here Thursday, but that’s not technically part of the weekend). He had his normal fine timing – Friday was a farewell happy hour at Bailey’s Smokehouse & Tavern (in Ballston Mall) for the old management, and a couple of other former co-workers showed up as well (Jill snuck in, too). Especially nice was that they covered the tab (with appetizers) from 4-8PM. I’m not sure how many drinks I had, but I’m assured it was a lot. We stopped by Thai Terrace for some food afterwards.

Saturday I dropped Seth at the airport, then hung around the house most of the day. I pulled out the record player so I could transfer some vinyl to CD, then read the paper. I took a walk with Jill (in the rain) through downtown Herndon, noticing a new kabob place where the Revolution coffee place used to be. I made poblano stuffed steaks for dinner, before Jill left for work and I caught 4 Way Street at Iota. They were great and we chatted for a while about web site updates. I’m doing a phpBB install for them, thankfully they’re ok with me being a newbie to it.

Sunday was gorgeous weather. Good thing, ’cause I was busy. I thought I was sleeping in until Jill got home and discovered she still had the code pager. I told her I’d take it back, and got going quickly. It wasn’t a total sacrifice, as I was going to Tyson’s Corner for a record show. My friend and former record store co-owner Eric was there, so we caught up for a while. On the way back home, I dropped off the mixed paper recycling and went grocery shopping. I went rollerblading after I unloaded the car, then read the Post on the deck. Jill helped me make Buffalo wings for dinner (actually thighs, they’re meatier and easier to chop), as well as our patented hamburger patties (2/1 ratio of 90/10 ground beef to ground turkey, lean and hard to tell the difference). We watched some TV, including an action packed Alias (I decided to not make her watch Sopranos – it’s not like I can’t catch one of the 50 times HBO will show it this week).