Weekend wrapup

Another good weekend. Friday was kinda light – we saw Mary Ann Redmond at the Kennedy Center: Millennium Stage. All the shows there are an hour, so she didn’t get a lot of time, but she drew a good crowd. It was a little weird, because the last time I saw her she was at a bar in Sterling (The Barefoot Pelican), with a crowd of about 5 people.

Saturday, we went skiing at Whitetail (the closest resort to us) with Dave and Melissa, and Dave’s friends John and Pete. Jill stuck to the green trails and eventually ran into Melissa. I headed over to the blues, then the blacks on the other side, where I ran into Dave and his friends. We had 4 hour lift tickets, and I skiied until my time was up. I’m still a little sore – I need to get in skiing shape before we go to Whistler next month.

Sunday, I did some volunteer work with Holly, who’s running the Herndon Festival, then watched some of the Pats/Colts game before we went to dinner at Neyla in Georgetown with Dave (another Dave), Hannah, Shannon & Kim. As part of Restaurant Week, they were offering fixed price dinners for $30.04 (lunch was $20.04). They offered Mediterranean cuisine; I had a Lebanese sampler, the Mixed Grill, and an apple tarte. Everything was very good (except for Jill’s dessert that had pistachio in it – I like pistachios, but not that way).

When we got back, we watched a little of the Eagles/Panthers mismatch before Alias. Another good ep, I particularly liked the use of Sloane, and the creative way they avoided having to show Syd’s mom (since Lena Olin won’t come back). I’m surprised they’re not airing a new one next week, because they’re not going to air opposite the Superbowl or the Grammys, so they won’t be back until February 15th.