A fine weekend, with outstanding weather (hard to believe I was outside in T-shirt and shorts in today’s cold rain, but I digress).

Friday I read Cerebus comics while Jill studied for a nursing exam; 150 down, 150 to go.

Saturday we went to a happy hour at Baileys in Ballston with some of the folks we’re going sking with in February at Whistler. I had a fine Shiner Bock. Jill had to work later, so I went to Sterling Cinema Draft to see Kill Bill V1 with some friends. I missed it the first time around, and was glad to catch it before Volume 2 comes out in April (although if Quentin thinks I buying Volume 1 on DVD, he’s as crazy as the Wachowski brothers – from now on, I’m waiting and buying the set when they’re done). I had a Pyramid Hefenweisen and a chicken and bacon salad. Yum! After that, I went to the Barefoot Pelican in Sterling, to see Piece By Piece. A buddy of mine, Stuart, is playing guitar for them now. They played classic rock, R&B, blues and originals for a couple sets. I sat with Stuart’s fan club in back; we shared a couple pitchers of Dominion Ale.

Sunday, I went with my mom & dad to the new National Air and Space Museum annex. A lot of great aircraft, but the Space Shuttle Enterprise and SR-71 Blackbird were particularly memorable. When we were done, we went to my house for dinner – an appetizer feast, everything we had in the freezer but hadn’t used for any of our December parties. No one complained, though – it was fast and good.