Quitter UK at Iota


The show was excellent. I think this is the band Todd has been threatening us with for a while. It’s Todd on vocals and rhythm, Chuck Andrada on lead guitar and lead vox on a couple songs, Scott Brotemarkle on bass and background vox, plus lead on one song (and was going to play lead guitar on one song dropped for time), David Strickland on accordian, keyboard, and background vox, and Eric Vislay (who used to play with Scott in Biohio) on drums. The set was split between new songs and olders songs and covers. I liked “Off Key Choir” with the keyboards – added more texture, and Chuck dropped a sweet solo into “Not Enough You”. Favorite Todd quote: “This is our debut, kinda of a cotillion. I was going to wear something low-cut, but I didn’t want to look slutty.”

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