March 19th: Dublin

I checked out of my hostel and hopped the tube for Heathrow. I left one of my bags there, and went to wait for my flight, and found the most enthusiastic passengers ever. One gentleman pulled out a guitar and started singing, and many others joined in. The flight itself was short and uneventful. When I arrived in Dublin, I got my bag and took the 41 bus into town, then walked to the hostel. Later, I went to Connolly Station to buy train tickets for the next day, then to the National Library to try and trace my Irish ancestor. He was not listed in the records, and the lady there advised me to try the Office of the Registrar General for marriage records or failing that, Belfast. There was nothing in the marriage records, and I decided to hold off on searching further.

I wandered over to Trinity College and saw the Book Of Kells (an illustrated version of the Gospels from the 8th century), then went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I didn’t go inside, as I was getting tired. I headed back to the hostel, stopping at Leo Burdock’s for some fish and chips. Excellent decision, as it was the best I’ve ever had, but they give you a lot. If I’d had anything else to eat besides a bagel on the flight over, it would have been too much.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]