March 18th: London

Last day in London and two things left to do. First, the British Library. It’s just me, but of all the old books and manuscripts in there, the most meaningful were the original Beatles lyrics. Next stop – shopping. First, a return to Fantasy Centre, followed by a stop at Borders. Checked email and got a duck wrap at Sainsbury’s for lunch. For dinner, I followed Monica’s recommendation of Ye Ole Cheshire Cheese, near the hostel, off Fleet Street. I had the avocado and goat cheese to start and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding – absolutely wonderful.

After I returned to the hostel, I played some games with an guy from Utah, a guy from Australia, two Tanzmanians, and a Danish girl. The first was a mean game of Twister, where the people on the board tried to block each other’s possible move, and the person calling the moves didn’t have a spinner, so they just called out moves designed to inflict the most damage. The other game was a card game (usually done with the benefit of alcohol) which had a new rule each time someone won a hand. The worst one was having to get up on the table and sing a Britney Spears song whenever you played an 8 (although I thought they sounded better with a Danish accent).

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]