March 17th: London

Got up, had some breakfast at the hostel, and headed to Tottenham Court Road to take The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour from London Walks. Much to my surprise, the first stop is in Soho Square where Paul McCartney’s offices are. We hit several landmarks, most notably the site of the rooftop concert on Savile Row and Abbey Road Studios.

Later, I went shopping at some record stores in Soho (especially good was the Music and Video Exchange branch on Berwick Street), got some sandwiches at the Somerfield’s there, and ended up at Trafalgar Square for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It was a crowded, rowdy event; the crowds only started to thin when it started to rain. The Dubliners headlined the event and were quite good, hard to hear since the volume wasn’t cranked like it is at festivals stateside.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]