October 24th: Sydney to Cairns

Woke up and got a shuttle to the airport, bought a 3 topping sandwich (I chose turkey, lettuce, and guacamole), and boarded the flight. The lunch they served was actually tasty, although the movie (The Match) was a standard come from behind sports movie. We landed in Cairns and got a taxi to our hotel, The Great Northern (yes, I chose it because of the Twin Peaks reference). We headed out to the shops; I didn’t find much, but Sharon did. We went to the Red Ochre Grill, where I had crocodile, prawns, and yabbies (an Australian crawfish). We finished with some toasted focaccia. I think this place ties with Philip’s Foote for my favorite meals in Australia. After a little more shopping, I watched the Aria (Australian only) music awards.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]