October 23rd: Sydney

Last day in Sydney, which meant shopping. In my case, lots of book and record stores. One unusual thing about streets in Sydney, is that the numbers on one side of the street don’t correspond; it could be 311 on one side and 364 on the other, with 312 several blocks away. Anyway, I hit 9 or 10 stores, then headed to Bondi Junction. I bought a Burgersaurus (veggie burger) at Macro, sort of a mini Fresh Fields. I went to a couple more shops before I headed back. I recommend Revolution CD, with several locations. They had a lot of good titles, and their prices were reasonable.

Dinner was chicken in garlic from Tum Tum’s Thai Takeaway, then back to Hodern Pavilion for No Doubt. Opener Area-7 was very similar to Goldfinger, and the crowd was into it, but they were waiting for No Doubt. Their set was heavy on material from Return To Saturn, but they played all the hits from Tragic Kingdom, as well as “Trapped In A Box” from their debut. Gwen was very enthusiastic all night, turning cartwheels at one point. Watching the news while packing later, I learned that the Yankees had defeated the Mets in game 2 of the series. That destroyed any enthusiasm I had to actually watch the game, which they showed next.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]