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Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Wednesday the 2nd it was my day off while Jill chaperoned Nina on the class field trip to a farm. Jill said it was “fun with friends and frogs! Field trip on the farm (learned about the life cycle of frogs then got to catch tadpoles and pet animals) followed by gardening on the school roof and playground shenanigans.” Meanwhile I dropped my car off at the body shop to start getting it fixed, got a rental car, ran errands and did projects at home like finally clearing the clog in our bathroom sink. The next day my insurance company called and let me know that after starting work on the car the body shop had discovered more damage and now the car would be totaled. It was fun times looking for a replacement after that.


Friday night Jill’s sister Robin flew in, and the next morning she and Jill drove to Hershey to meet their older sister and their mom for a spa weekend celebrating their mom’s 60th birthday. Nina and I celebrated Free Comic Book Day at Big Planet Comics as well as Cinqo de Mayo with dinner at Tequila Grande and dessert at Cold Stone. Sunday Nina had an end of year Cheer party at The Zone, having great fun playing laser tag and getting tickets by playing games (and unlike Chuck E. Cheese there’s a separate restaurant/bar area that cuts down on the noise). Later that night I saw that Queen + Adam Lambert was doing a residency in Vegas and noted that could finally get me to go back to Sin City.


Friday the 11th Nina wanted Tacos and More for dinner, so we did. Saturday I headed into DC but missed a subway train at the last minute, so made a quick dinner with dim sum from the Jenny’s At The Wharf popup and a shake from Shake Shack. The last time I was at a concert in DC, my phone was almost out of power, so I also stopped by Politics & Prose for John Scalzi’s latest. Of course I was there for concert #11: David Byrne at The Anthem. Few and far between are the concerts that are actually shows, and he definitely had one. From moving in syncopation, to choreography, to an actual freaking drumline, he had it all. Early contender for best concert of the year. I liked the new album just fine, but it was this 10 year old track that was a highlight for me (NSFW video).


Sunday was Mother’s Day and Jill chose to take Nina on that day while I went to Maryland to look at a car. Bad choice, the dealership closed for Mother’s Day without letting anyone know on Facebook, their website, or their answering machine. I read this article Sunday and reacted strongly. We’ve left concerts early, so many times – but she’s already seen Rush, Queen, Paul McCartney and Yes. #worthit Also I don’t know how I didn’t get spoiled by this, but it’s amazing. Skip past the pitch session if you must, but don’t miss the greatest Beatles cover band ever.

Nina Jill

Monday afternoon I went back to Maryland to look at the car – a 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid (I really liked the 2009 version I’d had). I signed the contract, then went back home to get a cashier’s check and leave the rental. Jill was planning on bringing me to the dealership, but traffic got bad fast on the Beltway so she dropped me at East Falls Church and I took the subway and a bus to return. The sale went smoothly, but by the time I was done, there was a ferocious storm (with a tornado warning) headed through. By the time I got to Silver Spring, it was coming down and I made it inside Bibibop just a bit wet – Jill, Nina and Illa were at home downstairs in the bathroom. Bibibop was like a Korean Chipotle, very good, but didn’t take long and traffic was terrible, so I went across the street to Copper Canyon for a beer before heading home.


Saturday the 19th I went to a document shredding event run by Fairfax County while Jill took Nina to cheer tryouts. In the rainy afternoon we went to the Wolf Trap Summer Season Kick Off. Fairly deserted due to the rain, which meant no lines for face painting, pictures, or shaved ice. That evening was concert #12: Lewis Black at the Warner. Always angry, always hilarious. Plus so nice at the meet & greet. Sunday afternoon I picked Nina up after Girl Scouts and she did some art and played some games at the Fine Arts festival (giant size chess pieces are not ideal to learn on). Concert #13 later: Sons of Apollo at The Howard Theatre. Progressive metal supergroup with members of Dream Theater,Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mr. Big, & Guns N’ Roses, only half full theater, but easily the loudest show I’ve seen or will likely see the year. And halfway through the show was the best time to find I still had on the junior deputy sticker my daughter put on me.

Kerry Lewis Jill

Friday the 25th Nina had her first meal at Chik-fil-A (the biggest hit was the playground), then hit the trifecta: 1st time seeing a movie opening weekend, 1st time seeing a Star Wars movie opening weekend, and 1st time cosplaying Star Wars. And she makes an adorable Rey. The movie was pretty good, too. I had to forward to my former co-owners this as it reminds me of conversations in a certain record store.


Saturday was concert #14: Girlfriend at Signature Theatre. A coming of age/coming out story based on Matthew Sweet’s album. Good show, and the all female backing band took the songs to the next level. This Twitter status made me think it needs to happen at every q&a I ever go to. Wednesday the 31st was Nina’s final field trip for the year, and Jill volunteered to chaperone before she knew they’d be walking to Walker Nature Center from school. She vowed never again.