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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Sunday April 1st we stayed in. Nina demonstrated she was a real clotheshorse by going through four outfits, I did three hours of yardwork and finished Catching Fire and started Mockingjay after seeing The Hunger Games the day before. Saturday the 7th we celebrated Dad’s birthday party over at Mom’s, had a very nice dinner.


The next day was Easter and we went to church, then took some pictures of Nina in her Easter best. Wednesday the 11th we had a bonus day as Nina was in daycare (she’s usually there Monday, Tuesday and Friday). Jill got to do her thing all day, and I had an excellent afternoon playing hooky. I was the last customer at the Lemongrass food truck (and got an extra taco), bought a pile of used CDs at the CD Cellar in Clarendon, got some fresh Wee Heavy at Mad Fox, then bought a bigger pile of used CDs at the CD Cellar in Falls Church.


We weren’t able to make the Falcon Ridge preview tour, but we saw a pretty good substitute on the 12th: Robbie Schaefer (and Owen and Ethan) on a great cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”, then Ellis Paul joined by Radoslav Lorkovic. We hit Angeethi for some tasty Indian before the show. Nina crawled for the first time on Friday the 13th and that weekend it started getting warm – on the 16th I turned on the air conditioning for the first time (never so early). Monday the 17th I was treated to a front row seat of the final flight of the space shuttle Discovery as my office is across the street from Dulles.


On Saturday the 21st I headed over to Record & Tape Exchange in Fairfax to see Colin Hay (from Men At Work) do a free show for Record Store Day, then met Jill and Nina at Tippy’s Taco House for an early dinner. We were supposed to go see the Nationals vs. Miami on the 22nd, but the game was rained out and we got new tickets for a game in July. Friday the 27th I got a fleeting glimpse of the space shuttle Enterprise leaving. Saturday Nina managed to make me use three pair of jeans in less than 24 hours, and she enjoyed the new jump up I got her; Dad stopped by on Sunday the 29th to see her.