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emmet swimming (Todd Watts acoustic) at TT Reynolds

Saturday, March 8th, 2003

Todd said Chuck (Andrada) was in Virginia Beach, otherwise it would have been all of them. He also let on there’s a new Quitter UK date – May 17th at Iota.

I think my favorite part was when he said we had a choice between “Sunblock” and “Parking Lot” (weighing in at 200 pounds). When he went with “Sunblock”, someone called out “Gangsta” (original version of Sunblock), and a number of people called out the old lyrics througout the song. Todd looked like he was having a hard time keeping a straight face. My favorite song was “Lisa Says” (the Velvet Underground classic), which I haven’t heard in years. Eric was missed for the harmonies he does during the chorus, but the crowd did its part.

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