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Robbie Schaefer at Jammin’ Java

Friday, August 23rd, 2002


I guess Shelly isn’t near a computer ;), so I’ll post the setlist from Friday’s show. No EFO on stage (they were all in the audience, though), but a great show from Robbie. “Farewell To Saint Delores” is a Dave Carter song that Robbie said he requested at Dave’s last show, also in Vienna. High points for me were the two songs he debuted in March: “Fly” and “Independence, Indiana” – can’t wait for EFO versions of those. It was also the first time I saw his version of “Over The Hills And Far Away” – great stuff!

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Quitter UK at Iota

Thursday, August 22nd, 2002


The show was excellent. I think this is the band Todd has been threatening us with for a while. It’s Todd on vocals and rhythm, Chuck Andrada on lead guitar and lead vox on a couple songs, Scott Brotemarkle on bass and background vox, plus lead on one song (and was going to play lead guitar on one song dropped for time), David Strickland on accordian, keyboard, and background vox, and Eric Vislay (who used to play with Scott in Biohio) on drums. The set was split between new songs and olders songs and covers. I liked “Off Key Choir” with the keyboards – added more texture, and Chuck dropped a sweet solo into “Not Enough You”. Favorite Todd quote: “This is our debut, kinda of a cotillion. I was going to wear something low-cut, but I didn’t want to look slutty.”

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emmet swimming at DC Sessions

Saturday, August 10th, 2002


The crowd at DC Sessions was the biggest I’d seen. The majority of the people were there for Carbon Leaf (who put on a great show, btw), but there were plenty of emmet fans, as each familiar song brought cheers. “Don’t Call Her” was brand new, “first time we’ve played it in public” said Todd. He asked where everyone had been the last two years, then said they’d been touring, but nobody’s coming to the shows. Also, during the intro to “Broken Oar”, he said “Scott Brotemarkle’s on vacation”. They seemed happy about the crowd response, and with any luck, there’ll be some more shows.

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